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Please provide us with details of the wedding venue that the cake would be delivered to, and general details of where the cake would be going e.g. a room inside the building, in a marquee, in a tipi etc
What kind of wedding are they having, what kind of overall style and feeling are they trying to create for their special day? If there is a mood board or any design elements that you're using for inspiration currently, please send to so we can start thinking about design ideas for the cake
Please provide us with some information about the kind of cake your clients are looking for - colours, overall style, number of tiers, decorative elements that may be included such as texture, florals etc.... Please feel free to steer them towards the images in our Portfolio and on our Instagram feed for ideas and inspiration and forward any preferred styles to us at along with your completed enquiry form
Our cakes start at £650 for a very simple three-tiered design in Victoria Sponge providing 70 portions. However, as each of our designs are bespoke, prices can vary considerably To help us with this design process, please indicate your client's budget for their wedding cake.